If you have a friend, colleague, or relative who’s skeptical of Silicon Valley’s threat to democracy and individual liberty, you could do worse than send them a link to The Creepy Line, a new documentary from the team behind 2016’s Clinton Cash.

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains the latest front in battle with Speech-Code Cartel

Facebook’s mission was to make the world more “open and connected”; Google’s motto was “Don’t Be Evil.” Both companies have now changed those — and much else.

Google’s Code of Conduct used to contain the phrase, “Don’t be evil.” But numerous leaked documents, videos and reports raise the question: Is Google, in fact … being evil?

Google and Facebook cross the privacy line and endanger American freedoms, two filmmakers told a capacity audience in Heartland Institute's Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center last Wednesday.

A new documentary, The Creepy Line, suggests that Google is not living up to its primary motto: “Don’t be Evil.” Instead, it is involved in activities that should be viewed with some concern by anyone who values privacy and freedom of speech.

M.A. Taylor, director of the documentary The Creepy Line, joins the show to discuss how Google and Facebook have become the most powerful corporations ever.

Le journaliste a enquêté sur l'utilisation de nos données par Google et Facebook. Le film «The Creepy Line» est disponible sur Amazon dès ce week-end.

It’s well worth taking the time to go over to the NR home page to read Kyle Smith’s fine article on The Creepy Line, an important and unsettling new documentary about (mainly) Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook cross the privacy line and endanger American freedoms, two filmmakers told a capacity audience in Heartland Institute’s Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center on November 14.

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El documental «The Creepy Line» analiza cómo los gigantes tecnológicos influyen en las elecciones y cómo trafican con los datos de sus usuarios

'Tremendous power in the hands of two companies'

A new documentary examines the way in which sites like Google and Facebook can influence people's thoughts through their control of private information.

A noted researcher describes 10 ways Google, Facebook, other companies could shift millions of votes in the US midterms

Film by M.A. Taylor features Jordan Peterson and Peter Schweizer

If you’ve never heard of it, some say, they have you where they want you...

Google pretends to be the ultimate free public library, when it is actually the ultimate surveillance machine.

A documentary trailer released on YouTube Friday aims to expose how Facebook and Google not only exploit nearly every facet of their users’ lives for profit, but how they manipulate them, too.

Clinton Cash' author exposes big tech in 'The Creepy Line.

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